I created a Risk (impact, likelihood, magnitude) bubble chart showing pre-mitigation, and post-mitigation for 15 risks. I added a slicer so the user can view one risk at a time and clearly see the degree of mitigation success. It looks and works awesome - click save. Problem: when I reopen the workbook the chart no longer responds to the table. The slicer works to select each specific risk and the data table properly filters to show only that risk, but the chart is stuck where I last saved and closed. In some cases the colour formatting is also changed.
If I click on the chart, go into the filter and choose select data, then click edit as though I am going to change the data source, then the chart comes back to life and works properly. Unfortunately, no user will ever go through such an exercise to fix the chart every time it's opened.
Is anyone able to explain what is happening? Have I missed something? Can this be fixed? FYI, every other visual I made for a dynamic dashboard works perfectly. It's only the bubbles!