Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place, hopefully is. I tried looking online but couldn't find anything on this. Basically, I have an Excel spreadsheet where I pulled data from an Access database using the "From Access" button and following the instructions. The database was imported successfully, I added the macros that were needed in the spreadsheet, and making changes in the .accdb data and refreshing works fine too.

However, it seems the accdb file's name is supposed to change and there is no fixed interval for this. This means that connectivity cannot be maintained. The accdb file's name format is simply "Stuff Access Database [Month] [Day]", for example "Stuff Access Database March 23". The file name could change from "Stuff Access Database March 23" to any date suffix like "Stuff Access Database April 16" since there is no fixed interval that can help to automate the process. Is there a way to maintain the connectivity by, say, checking only if the file has "Stuff Access Database" as a prefix, rather than the whole name? No other file in the directory has this same prefix.