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Thread: Cell with drop down list

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    Cell with drop down list

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    Hi - please can you assist with the below scenario

    I want a cell to show me multiple values I can pick based on the value in another cell based on a master table.

    Master table example

    Apple > red
    Apple > blue
    Apple > green
    Apple > purple
    Banana > red
    Banana > black
    Banana > white

    So cell A1 has Apple and therefore the options I want to see in cell A2as a dropdown would be red, blue, green, purple based on the master table

    Additionally if cell A1 was updated to banana I want it to now show me the available values in A2 - red,
    Black and white?

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    To add the drop-down list to a sheet, you should follow these steps:

    • Create the list in cells A1:A10.
    • Select cell D4.
    • Choose Validation from the Data menu.
    • Choose List from the Allow option's drop-down list.
    • Click the Source control and drag to highlight the cells A1:A10.
    • Make sure the In-Cell Dropdown option is checked.
    • Click OK.

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