I have a tracker that keeps up with people's tasks.

A1= date task is completed in YYYYMMDD
A2=adds 365 days to show next due date
A3=shows 90/60/30/0 days based on A4
A4=shows how many days left until it's due and when it hits 0(zero) it shows "OVERDUE"

I have successfully used the formula. A4=IF((A3-NOW())<0,"OVERDUE",A3-NOW()) to show days left and OVERDUE

My goal is when I initiated a task, I will enter, "INIT" in A1 and A4 will show "OVERDUE". A4=IF(A1="INIT","OVERDUE",0)

Asking for assistance to have both IF statements in one cell.

1 2 3 4
A 20190101 20191231 0 OVERDUE

Thank you for your help!