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Thread: Appending the Cells Interior.Color reference to the cell value

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    Appending the Cells Interior.Color reference to the cell value

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    I basically want to pull a worksheet into power query, however its something another team use every day and color it in based on the status for that cell.

    So I need to understand whilst i'm wrangling data what the source workbook/tables cell color was. Im hoping a clever VBA type might assist!

    So an example would be Cell A1 is filled Red and has the text "Hello", what i'd like to see after a macro is run is within Cell A1 " Hello | 255" ( just added | as a suitable delimiter). The worksheet itself is some 200 rows by 80 columns currently but that's growing all the time.

    ANy help would be appreciated

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    run after you've selected the cells you want to process:
    Sub blah()
    For Each cll In Selection.Cells
      cll.Value = cll.Value & "|" & cll.Interior.Color
    Next cll
    End Sub
    If you want to take into account possible conditional format colours then change cll.Interior.Color to cll.DisplayFormat.Interior.Color

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