I have a rather large data dump from our planning tool.

I would like to perform the following tasks....

I would like to delete columns in red (D-M), not needed on a daily basis.

I would like to aggregate columns in purple into 3 columns, but these headers change every month... so i dont know if it can be done with relative references or sum with some type of wildcard. All 108 columns (in purple) can be summarized for my purposes into 3 columns (in blue) and then deleted.

36 Month Total Sales History
36 Month Processed Sales History
36 Month Tot. Validated Forecast

the summary data set is very small... but my recordset can contain about 800K rows in a csv.

the format of the file will remain unchanged, but the column headers will have the dates shift monthly (Columns S-DV)

Help on this would be greatly appreciated!Consensus_PQ.xlsx