I'm working to develop a system for emailing clients where I update a tab on a master workbook and it autoupdates on another workbook that can then be shared with clients. We use Dropbox on our network to share company files and I have the master workbook saved in one folder, and the client workbook saved in a different folder.

The formula I used was inserting the "=" into each respective cell in the clients workbook, then hitting ENTER on the linking cell in the master workbook so it reflects that data. Now getting back into the files today I noticed that autosave was not on for either and that updating the master workbook did not result in the client workbook being updated in kind.

First off, does autosave need to be on for both in order to always have the data updated from one workbook to the other?

Second, if so it seems the OneDrive requirement for Autosaving could be an issue because it needs to autosave in a OneDrive folder (which we have but is not in direct connection to our Dropbox folders), but I need the files to be in specific folders that are not located under OneDrive. Is there a way to be autosaving to the folder locations in our Dropbox network?

Finally, is there a better and more stable method of autoupdating a workbook from another workbook?