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    Sort Macro

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    I run a fun football (soccer) competition.
    I have a spreadsheet that contains several worksheets, that are named ROUND 1, ROUND 2 etc up to ROUND 10.
    If the current round is say ROUND 6, I want to copy the contents of the worksheet ROUND 6 into another worksheet entitled CURRENT ROUND, where some special sort procedures are performed using a couple of sort macros.
    If (say) the current round is ROUND 4, then I would then want the contents of ROUND 4 to appear in CURRENT ROUND.
    I don't know how to do that. (other than cut & paste)

    Alternatively, could I somehow get the special sort macros that are used in CURRENT ROUND, to operate on say ROUND 2 or any other chosen Round?

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    Attaching an example is always helpful. In short to both questions, you can Record a macro just like the "sort" macro you use to copy the next round into current. Typically you should be able to use the Sort macro on a different worksheet as long as the parameters are set up the same.

    Developer Menu>Design Mode> Record Macro> (name it what you would like, no space in name)> and then every action you make next will be recorded until you go back to the menu hand hit Stop. Very simple, you can edit, also. Practice on a blank worksheet until you feel confident to bring to the live data.

    Hope this helps!
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