Hi. I would like some guidance, please. I urgently require an efficient technique to create an excel spreadsheet of email addresses to import into my Constant Contact Email Programme's Contact List. I have received, for example 250 miscellaneous emails over the past few months into my Outlook 2007 Inbox by random people who are enquiring on using my service. As they are potential clients/leads, but have not become customers yet, I have never thought that I should add them to a contact list or distribution list. I dont know if that would be productive, I dont really know how to maintain/manage these lists on an ongoing basis, and as a small business owner, I am terribly busy. Also, if this is relevant, I am using an old MS Exchange Server with Public Folders, so my existing contacts, seem to be public lists that me and my admin staff share, so unsure how to even get a Contact List going from inbox emails, if that is a potential method to export to Excel (so that I can then import to Constant Contact).

What I have done thus far is moved the various emails to a specific Inbox subfolder. I would like a quick way to copy their email addresses into an excel spreadsheet column. I dont have the time to open, ie 250 separate emails, click on each of their addresses and paste them 1 at a time into an excel cell. I am hoping that you have some great & efficient recommendations for this small business owner who needs to do an email blast to potential clients right away. I eagerly await your suggestions, as I am quite a basic Excel 2007 User.

Thank you, and I am so pleased to find your site.