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Thread: How Do I Create an Excel spreadsheet of Outlook 2007 (Non-"Contact") Email Addresses?

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    Question How Do I Create an Excel spreadsheet of Outlook 2007 (Non-"Contact") Email Addresses?

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    Hi. I would like some guidance, please. I urgently require an efficient technique to create an excel spreadsheet of email addresses to import into my Constant Contact Email Programme's Contact List. I have received, for example 250 miscellaneous emails over the past few months into my Outlook 2007 Inbox by random people who are enquiring on using my service. As they are potential clients/leads, but have not become customers yet, I have never thought that I should add them to a contact list or distribution list. I dont know if that would be productive, I dont really know how to maintain/manage these lists on an ongoing basis, and as a small business owner, I am terribly busy. Also, if this is relevant, I am using an old MS Exchange Server with Public Folders, so my existing contacts, seem to be public lists that me and my admin staff share, so unsure how to even get a Contact List going from inbox emails, if that is a potential method to export to Excel (so that I can then import to Constant Contact).

    What I have done thus far is moved the various emails to a specific Inbox subfolder. I would like a quick way to copy their email addresses into an excel spreadsheet column. I dont have the time to open, ie 250 separate emails, click on each of their addresses and paste them 1 at a time into an excel cell. I am hoping that you have some great & efficient recommendations for this small business owner who needs to do an email blast to potential clients right away. I eagerly await your suggestions, as I am quite a basic Excel 2007 User.

    Thank you, and I am so pleased to find your site.

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    Here is one way ... you will need to clean up your data a little by deleting columns you don't need but that will only take a minuite.

    Follow these steps with Outlook open.

    1. Click the folder where you stored the emails
    2. Click File on the Menu
    3. Select import / export
    4. Select Export to a file
    5. Select Microsoft Excel 97-2003
    6. Select the folder that stores your emails. ( it should already be selected in blue , just verify that it is the corect folder)
    7. Select location where you want to save the file it is going to create. also change name of file if you want to.
    8. click OK button on the Map field box that pops up.

    When export is done open the exported file in excel.

    you will see 2 sheets Contacts and Email
    click the sheet named email .
    first row is headers defining the data the column contains. column D contains From Address. you can keep or delete any of these columns you need.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Tommyt61

    Thank you so much for your response. Super helpful and super easy. Do you know how I can include a field for the date each email was received during the export, so that it is a populated field when I import to my email marketing app (ConstantContact)? Much obliged.


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    The export in Outlook does not offer that as a field that can be exported. The only other way to do this is use VBA code ( Macro Code).

    Are you familiar with implementing Macro code in Excel or Outlook? If you are i have some code that would do this.

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    Hi Tommyt61

    I had Visual Studio on a previous computer, but I was never the one to use VB. I used macros in the past, but it has been a while. I am a pretty quick learner, if you wouldnt mind providing similar instructions as you did for the export from Outlook to Excel, as those steps were very easy for me to follow. Please let me know if you think you can assist further. Thanks in advance.

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    Alright, i put together some instructions for you . There are several things that have to be in place for VB code to work. Maybe i didn't miss anything. Boy that instills confidence doesn't it. I have attached 3 files for you . one is the instructions for setting up Outlook and running the code. The other file is the actual code itself, that will get copied and pasted into the VB Editor. The image file is so you can see the names of the references you need to add. If you get stuck or have any questions , i'll help anyway i can.
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    I ahven't looked at Tommy's code at all, but just in case it's helpful, I created a class module to make it easy to send emails through Outlook. You can find that here:
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    Dear tommyt61
    i'm searching for a vb program to link my excel sheet with outlook
    actually my sheet having certificate details of my company equipment's with expiry dates.So i wish to get a reminder email to my mail id when any of the date become expired or before in the sheet.
    Can you help me for dis.
    i am uploading my sheet with this...
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