Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with some timestamped data. This is match event data from a sports game with both a timestamp and the accumulated time in seconds at which each event occurs. In order for me to work with it and time match it to some other data, I really need the data to show every second of match time (even if there was no event. I have posted data below. As you can see, a row only exists if an event occurred. I would like a row for each second that has elapsed even if no statistic_code occured.

1 0 7:49:50 100 CETU
1 8 7:49:58 200 GELON
1 8 7:49:58 210 CBFP
1 9 7:49:59 310 HBEF
1 9 7:49:59 320 CBCL

This is a very large dataset so I am trying to find a quick method to perform this in excel or I may have the capacity to do it in Python.
Any help would be very much appreciated.