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Thread: Excel 2010 - Save as activates properties window

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    Unhappy Excel 2010 - Save as activates properties window

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    I have been struggling for a long time to find out why every time I click on save as button I see the properties window pop up (When I click save as, then write name and click save I come back to a worksheet (which still has the unchanged name) and see the properties window. Does not matter if I click OK or close it. Then the workbook is saved with the name I chose. ) I don't know if this was set up by mistake when I was testing the VBA or perhaps I have this by default. I checked in other user's excel (within my organization) and they do not have this problem. It is getting a bit annoying each time the window opens. Even if I close it, the workbook saves anyway. I checked if there is a template stored anywhere, I even copied a template from different computer but the problem still remains unsolved. This is the case only with excel, other office programs do not have this. Tried with F12 - the same thing. Tried my file on a different computer - no problem with saving, the window did not pop up. This means that the problem is somewhere on my computer. I tried also to repair Office, restarted, but the problem is still there. Running out of ideas what else I can do. Looked in the registry, but found nothing suspicious. Also, checked the templates in my applications and in program files.Also checked the group policy, but no software config there. The below screenshot was made during the save workbook as "test".Click image for larger version. 

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    The only things I can think of:
    -Maybe you assigned a macro to a keyboard shortcut. I can't think that would affect this though...
    -Do you have any add-ins running that might be conflicting?
    -Do you have any code in the personal workbook that might be interfering?

    One way to check may be to run Excel in safe mode and see if the problem perists (from the command prompt try "excel.exe /s") If all is fine, then it points to add-ins or the personal workbook. Try disabling all Add-Ins and COM Add-ins and re-enable them one by one till you find which triggers the issue.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I ran the safe mode and there was no problem so I installed excel again. It got fixed somehow

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