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Thread: Cell Formatting won't stay

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    Cell Formatting won't stay

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    I'm trying to highlight the cells in the cosnginee form yellow, when I refresh they will all stay highlighted except the bottom 2 Superstore 385 ones. I figure it has something to do with 3 values being the same. Is there any way to have it so the formatting will stay.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    Pictures are of little value. Honestly, no one wants to re-type your data to try and solve your issue. Additionally, we would only be guessing at how your data was structured, ie. formulas, formatting, etc. Additionally, due to how some browsers behave, many of our members cannot see uploaded pictures/images. Please do not take this route.

    Please attach a sample file that represents what you have. The structure of your attachment should be the same structure as your actual data. Any proprietary information should be changed.

    Include in the attachment any code you're currently using (whether it works or not) and an "After" of what you wish the output to be.

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