Hello everyone!!
First of all apologize in case something is not understandable, I write from Catalonia, my level of English is low and I am using Google Translator.

I have an Excel file with queries to several folders on my PC. These folders are actually synchronized OneDrive or SharePoint folders that we share among several users. The original file is also saved inside the shared folders, so that any user with access can use it.
The problem is that when a user makes a query of data in Excel, the route where he is going to look for the data (in local) goes through C: \ Users \ "User Name" \ Sharepoint….
As each username is different, the file only works if it is used by the user who created it, so that we cannot share our queries ... My question is:
Can I link the data source of a query (Excel) to the value of a cell? In this way, each user can enter their name in said cell and the route will be linked to that value, which corresponds to the connected user.
Is there another solution for this problem?
I tried using Miguel's blog solution "https://www.poweredsolutions.co/es/2019/04/04/conectar-a-archivos-en-sharepoint-y-onedrive-con-power-bi-power- query / "but it doesn't work for me, I guess for a permissions issue (corporate computer" capped ") ...

I published this same query on the Powered Solutions Blog "https://foro.poweredsolutions.co/topic/264-archivo-excel-compartido-por-varios-usuarios/" and Miguel indicated your website as a help method.

Thank you very much in advance!!