Hi all,

After many years of hatred for Excel, I've learned to love it (out of necessity!) and am trying to advance my understanding

However, I'm stumped. I've googled, but perhaps not using the right terminology, and trawled the forums. I'll do my best to explain what I'm after and hope I'm not duplicating a question already asked, but please forgive any ignorance; it's not deliberate, I promise!

I'm trying to re-jig a training plan, the idea being that there will be several hidden tabs within the workbook (a tab for each department), with each tab listing the roles and sub roles that are part of that department (e.g. the office tab will have the role "customer services" and under those roles there will be sub-roles "answering the phones", "replying to emails" etc.).

There will then be a " master" tab, this will be the only tab visible to trainers.

On the "master" tab, I'd really like a drop down box that lists the various departments (which I've done already using data validation), then depending on the department chosen, it'll pull through check boxes listing the roles for that department (annoyingly the INDIRECT function doesn't pull through check boxes it seems). From there, people can select the check boxes for the roles they want to train their staff on, and this will pull through the relevant sub-roles. As I read this back it sounds super complex and likely impossible!

As an example, the office manager will be able to select "office" from the dropdown box. This will pull through the roles "customer services", "LIMS", and "Pricing" as individual check boxes. If they select the LIMS check box, it'll pull through sub-roles "setting up new suites", "create new user" and "set up specs" - these will form the training plan.

Sincerely hope that makes some sort of sense...if anyone can help it'll be a miracle! Thanks in advance