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Thread: Importing Access table using macro

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    Importing Access table using macro

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    Hi guys- I was wondering how I can use a macro to import a table from an Access database. Right now I have a worksheet with an email button/macro and would like to have the user first select the distribution list (the tables in Access) and then it creates the email. So the macro would import the table (based on a userform selection) and then call the email macro, which will read the now imported table for the .To entry.

    I really just need to know how to import tables via a macro from Access and should be able to work it out from there ( I think)

    Database name- Contact List Database
    Tables- MasterData,Procurement,Requestor

    Any help would be great, Thank you

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    Just use Data>From Access Table, it is basically built-in. You can record the actions to provide a reusable macro.

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