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    Vlookup problem

    I have a spreadsheet that is using VLOOKUP. I type a number in a cell and then 6 numbers fill in the cells to the right of the place where you type in a number. A person will be able to enter numbers 0- 40.

    My problem is that once I get past #11 it returns a #N/A. I am sure the fix is simple, but I have been looking at this all morning and I cannot find the error. Then all of a sudden I also had an issue with my first line for some reason. I typed #7 in there and it also returned the #N/A; however, when I typed #7 in another cell it worked jut fine.

    I am really only concerned about being able to get all 40 numbers to work. I am also only going to use five cells straight down in a column so they will not be going down a column from 0 - 40. After the spreadsheet is up and running I want to put in an Access database so they will only see those five cells.

    I have attached a copy of the spreadsheet that I am currently working with. Any help you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced for your help.
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