Hello all,

In sheet Student Analysis, I have a column (G8:G37) which looks up whether the cells I1:I33 (in Summary sheet) is lower than C4:C33 (in Master Sheet) and shows the value in A4:A33 (in Summary Sheet) if it is.

Essentially it looks up whether a students % mark is lower than their target, and shows their name if it is. If it is higher then it shows nothing ("").
Code I am using is:
What I want to do:
- Be able to select a topic (column in summary sheet)
- Show students with a mark lower than their target for that topic only

- I've created a list box in H2 which has the headings from the 'Summary' Sheet (I3:O3)
- I now need to filter (G8:G37) to only show the column based on the topic selected in H2.

Example, if Topic 3 is selected in the Student Analysis sheet, G8:G37 should show K4:K33 (from Summary sheet), if Topic 5 is selected G8:G37 should show M4:M33 (from Summary Sheet).