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    Count if in Power BI


    on the question "Countif in power BI" was asked recently. Since I found the question attractive, I tried to find a solution and found one.

    When I applied it to 11,000 lines, the query ran for more than 7 minutes. By using "Table.Buffer" I could reduce the runtime to about 50 seconds, but this is still much too slow.

    To solve the problem, I had to use indexes. I suspect that the long runtime is related to this. Because even in another query in which I work with INDEX, the runtime is also very bad.

    However, I myself have only been working with Power Query since last December and don't know, for example, when and how "Table.Buffer" is best used.

    But the great solutions posted for Challenge 5 make me confident that there is a good and fast solution for this problem as well.
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