I have an easy vba code to enter current date on double click in use in one workbook and I thought it was just in the first worksheet.
I had a problem today when I opened worksheet 5 in that workbook, and double clicked a cell to edit text in that cell. Instead of letting me edit in the cell it put in the current date. So I figured it must have somehow been attached to the vba code I used in the first worksheet. I viewed the code in worksheet 5 and tried to delete it, didn't work, then tried to deactivate it, didn't work. I don't remember what I did but somehow I got the cell in worksheet 5 not put in the current date on double click.

But this caused a major problem with all of my workbooks. I was in windows explorer and wanted to rename an excel file, so I single clicked in it to get the cursor to be in the file name. But what happened is on the single click it opened a vba window. I tried many other excel files and the same thing happens. How can I change the problem I somehow created. I am new to vba and can't figure out what to do.

Thanks for any help y'all can give me!!!