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Thread: Sumproduct help!

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    Sumproduct help!

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    I am wanting to return information based on certain criteria being met.

    I have used SUMPRODUCT and COUNTIF for each separate stage, but not linked them together and I have hit a brick wall.

    What I am trying to achieve is,

    1, Filter out the information by month (this is an annual sheet)
    2, Lift how many vans a person has sold split into new and used (P-O), as in COUNTIF "BE" column K if E is not blank, sumproduct column U into summary tab - E5 - Sales Rev, repeat for column V into summary F5 - profit. But I need to discount if column O (workshop costs) is blank.

    I have been doing this so far by manually filtering the new and p-o,copying onto a separate workbook, then sourcing the information. This is no longer practicable.

    as this document is constantly updated I wanted to have this as an automatic summary and would like to avoid using a VBA / macro if at all possible. (these have not worked well in our workplace before).

    sorry if this makes no sense.

    Sample Van sales.xlsx

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    You can do most of this with pivot tables. See Summary sheet, 2 tables at cells B21 and B36.
    I added a New/Used column to the 2019-2020 sheet (column AL) and the manufacturers table needed a new Manufacturer column (AP) to be added to that sheet, being just the first word of the Model column.
    I don't know how to identify SOR vans.
    The first table is sorted by the salesperson with the biggest profit, and the second table sorted by the manufacturer with the biggest profit.
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