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Thread: vba to activate IE window and open file

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    vba to activate IE window and open file

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    Hi. I pieced together some vba code in Excel that will open Internet Explorer, login to the site, navigate to a report and click on the link to download.
    I am now staring at an open IE window with the classic IE bar at the bottom with the 3 buttons that have the choices "OPEN" "SAVE" "CANCEL".

    The IE window title bar is grayed out (inactive...I assume). If I manually click the window, making the title bar blue and hit the Tab key and then the Enter key, the Excel report I am after opens.

    I just need vba in Excel to do 3 things that have alluded me for several days now.
    1.Activate the only instance of IE that is open.
    2.Send a "Tab" keystroke.
    3.Send an "Enter" keystroke.

    I was looking at the following links from this forum:

    I could not get the code in these links to activate the IE instance I have open (make the title bar blue). It does return the location and name urls in the Immediate window.

    If you have a good working knowledge of getting vba to interact with IE, I would appreciate any input to this solution.
    Thank you!
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