I have a ponderous job where I need to insert a blank row between names on a spreadsheet. (It's not even, or every other row). I'll get a list of 200 or so names like this:

Bob Smith $10
Bob Smith $34
Carry Smith $10
Dan Wolker $15
Dan Wolker $20
Dan Wolker $50
Dan Wolker $90
Evelyn Smith $10
Jack Jones $10
Mary Walsh $56
Mary Walsh $54
Mary Walsh $50
Mary Walsh $95
Pat Major $10

I need a blank row so I can add up what we owe them.
I can select the row with my mouse (right hand) but I'd love a remedy to insert a row with my left hand - like using an F key, or even "qq" to trigger a row insert. I just want to work faster. I know I can select the row, right click and get a menu and hit "insert" but I've been known (in the heat of the battle) to hit "delete" instead.
It's a ponderous chore and I want it over with as fast as possible.
Any ideas? Thank you so much!!!!