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It's been (quite) a while since my last blog post, but things have been very busy here. Since June there's been a lot of developments here, and a lot of milestones have come and gone. It's odd actually, looking back at how big these were...

In early June I kicked off the process of incoporating a new busines, and by mid June Excelguru Consulting Inc was officially born as a formal and living company! When I started this endeavour, I never would have expected to get to this stage, and it feels pretty good.

I've also been working with the Certified General Accountants of Canada on some Excel video training courses. We shot our first two videos back in February 2011, and they were initially launched as pilots in Summer 2011. After a bunch of technical difficulties (streaming has challenges), they were finally re-launched this July and received some pretty nice reviews from the attendees. The first two videos were:

But even as we were working through the technical difficulties there, we began the process of shooting a few more. A couple in June, and I just finished the "In Studio" portion of two more vidoes last week. The two we shot in June went live just over a week ago:

And while I won't release the titles of the next two, they are into the hands of the production department to hopefully be launched by the end of the year.

I have to say that CGA has been a real class act to work with. I'm really proud of the product that we've been turning out, and I'm looking forward to doing more of them. Each course has professionally shot (in studio) footage of me presenting my slides, full screen Excel examples walk throughs, downloadable content and a complete e-Book as well. It's a full package and the reviews have been very positive so far. As you can imagine, these take a LOT of work to prepare (especially the e-Book), so I needed some help here.

So effective September 1st, Excelguru Consulting Inc hired it's first employee; Deanna Puls. (Yes, she is my wife, but she's working for a tyrant, transcribing each video project into e-Book format!) Deanna is Excelguru's Business Manager, and will be responsible for planning our live training sessions once we've got into a role with our video projects. (We're still building systems to speed up these processes.)

For any of those who know me well, you know I'm always very busy. It's actually been kind of frustrating that I've been too busy to spend much time in the forums, but when you couple trying to ramp up this business, working full time at my day job, coaching soccer and building courses... there hasn't been much time left to go around.

What time was left has been dedicated to some courses for another client; the Certified Management Accountants of BC. I taught a Financial Modelling course for them on September 22 in Vancouver, and have a few more webcasts and courses upcomming:

Fortunately we're getting closer to getting into a groove now, and my time is freeing up a bit more. I'm hoping to turn that into a few more blogs posts and forum posts as well.

Throughout this time I've also been playing with the Office 2013 beta, and was pleased today to be able to install the final version. There are some cool new features in Excel 2013 that I can't wait to post more about, particularly in the PowerPivot and automation front. (Yes, PowerPivot finally has VBA support!)

At any rate, that's what's been happening here. I hope that your endeavours have been as productive!

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  1. maninweb's Avatar
    Hi Ken,

    good news, very nice to hear :-)

    Best Regards :-)