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Looking Back Over 5 Years

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A few years ago I worked with Steve French of Infomatix on time managment techniques. One of the things we talked about was getting into a daily goal setting habit, with a key point of that being reviewing the previous days goals. It was an important point that you need to recognize that you have had success to pump you up to challenge the next goal. Helps you recharge your batteries in a way.

Since that time I've slipped in and out of the system, (just being honest,) but every time I get overwhelmed by my to-do list I jump back into my daily goal setting routine to get control of things again. But rarely do I really look back at what I've done over a longer period.

Tonight I was responding to an email about some potential training courses, and I suddenly got a little curious about just how many I actually had taught. So I dug back into my records. My friends have always joked with me that they get tired just listening to me tell them about what I'm doing on a daily/weekly basis, but I was a bit astounded to see how much I've actually accomplished over the past 5 years.

I taught my first hands-on Excel course in October 2007, just over 4.5 years ago. Since that time I have:
  • Led 23 hands-on classroom style courses
  • Led 2 webcasts
  • Recorded 2 x 1.5 hour videos for clients
  • Recorded a 1 hour video course for my site

Then I strated thinking about the other things I've done too... I also:

And just over 5 years ago I even found out that NASA was using some of my code on the Interational Space Station. (Actually, my daughter had a school astronomy field trip about a month ago, and I got to see the International Space Station fly overhead. It was REALLY cool to be able to say "There goes my project!")

As if that weren't enough, I:
  • Have worked full time at Fairwinds throughout
  • Have been treasurer on my daughter's school Parents Advisory Council since June 2009
  • Was assistant coach on my daughter's 2010/2011 soccer team
  • Have coached my daughter's 2011 and 2012 spring soccer teams,and 2011/2012 winter soccer teams
  • Was President of Nanaimo United FC (our local adult Soccer club) from June 2010 to May 2012


Oh well. Enough reminiscing. Better get back to it and answer a couple of questions on the forum.

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