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Training Calendar Updated

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I've been working away this weekend, putting the finishing touches on the webinar that I'm leading on Tuesday AM. It occured to me in the process, that I'd been rather remiss in updating my Training Calendar on the site. So this evening I took the time to pop in and add a few of the events that are coming up.

So now in the calendar, we've got:

I'm also looking forward to being able to make an announcement on another in short order, but it's not quite cooked up in full yet. Nevertheless, as soon as it is, I'll post it. I'm also working on making sure that these get posted to the calendar as soon as the contract is signed.

I'm also, of course, still working with other clients on producing some videos too. As more information comes on their release dates, I'll post that too.

And naturally, if you're looking for a customized training session for your own group or company... remember that I do that.

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