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  1. PowerPivot - It sure would be nice if...

    I've been doing a lot of work with PowerPivot where I connect to databases. My normal development cycle is as follows:

    • Connect to a view or table, pulling in ALL columns
    • Work through my data scenario until I've worked out my logic and solve the issue I'm trying to solve
    • Cut the table/view query down to just the required columns
    • Add WHERE clauses to cut the data down to just the bare minimum I need
    • Deploy to my users

    By doing all this, I really focus on trying ...
    Tags: powerpivot
    PowerPivot , Excel
  2. Retrieving Selection From A PivotTable Slicer

    After discussions with a friend the other day, I thought it might be worth pulling together an entry to show how to get the selected item from a PivotTable Slicer into a formula. This approach allows you to drive dynamic chart titles, or based other logic off a slicer as well.

    You can find the full aticle at:
    Excel , PivotTables
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