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  1. nadyvaxaw's Avatar
    Google it.
  2. abokaka's Avatar
    good work
  3. Canapone's Avatar
    Thank you for the article, it is very clear and precious for my work (as I'm an cost accountant). Regards from Firenze
  4. Ken Puls's Avatar
    Hi Jimmy,

    Agreed. I already run StopForumSpam, which blocks known bad IP's, usernames and email addresses from registering. But I was still getting overrun. It's a constant war keeping up. So this is just one more layer on top is all.
  5. JP2112's Avatar
    IP banning is only partially effective. Since you run WordPress, you should consider using a plugin like Bad Behavior. There is also an adaptation of this plugin for vBulletin. It blocks known bad IPs, comment spammers, bots, SQL injections, and more.
  6. maninweb's Avatar
    Hi Ken,

    good news, very nice to hear :-)

    Best Regards :-)
  7. eisayev's Avatar
    that is cool trick, two day ago i implemented it to my own sheet, nice idea.
  8. sourav.majumder's Avatar
    API/Service to interact ith PowerPivot excel 2010

    1. Is there any Java API to interact with PowerPivot excel 2010?
    2. Any web service / .net api to the same?
    3. Once we save the imported data, how it gets embedded in PowerPivot?
    4. Is there any way to understand the relation and fetch the PowerPivot data through any API?
  9. Ken Puls's Avatar
    Haha! It looks like it worked.

    Now I just need to figure out how to replace the published feed links with the correct link so that new subscribers have the right info...