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  1. Yet another PowerPivot article: IF(HASONEVALUE(...))

    I just published another PowerPivot article. This one is on using a HASONEVALUE DAX function in an IF statement to flip the sign on a single portion of a PivotTable.

    You can find the article by clicking here

    Comments welcome both here or on the article.
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  2. 2 New PowerPivot Articles

    I just added 2 new PowerPivot articles to the knowledgebase on this website.

    The first is the formal article for Creating a Spacer Column in a PowerPivot PivotTable, which orginally came from Monday's blog post. I actually updated that article already, as I found that a single space wasn't enough to keep the spacer column width sufficient.

    The second article is on Hiding Calculated Items With Zero Totals in PowerPivot PivotTables, which was inspired by Debra's blog post ...
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  3. Creating a Spacer Column in a PowerPivot PivotTable

    I was amused to read Mike Alexander's blog post on Add Column Spacing In A PivotTable this morning, as I did that exact thing yesterday while working through a PowerPivot solution. At least, I did the same thing, but I did it using DAX. And in this case, DAX is even easier to use that the old method, taking one less step.

    Keep in mind I'm using Excel 2013 for this, but it should be the same in 2010.

    First I created a new Calculated Field (Measure in 2010):
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  4. Retrieving Selection From A PivotTable Slicer

    After discussions with a friend the other day, I thought it might be worth pulling together an entry to show how to get the selected item from a PivotTable Slicer into a formula. This approach allows you to drive dynamic chart titles, or based other logic off a slicer as well.

    You can find the full aticle at:
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