View Full Version : Excel View on SharePoint for Pivot Chart Changes Connection on Every Refresh

2018-12-13, 05:42 PM
GOAL: Create SharePoint-mounted Excel dashboard of live SharePoint List data without third-party apps or custom coding.

ATTEMPT: Found blog (https://www.metrostarsystems.com/enterprise-it/sharepoint-list-dashboard-excel-viewer/) on potential method through SharePoint IQY files and Excel Business View Web Part

Export SharePoint List to IQY file
Create Pivot Table and Chart connected directly back to the original SP List connection via "owssvr"
Load new excel doc to SP document library
Load excel onto SP page view via Web Part - Business Data, Excel Web Access

LEADUP: Attempts to "Refresh Connection" produced error based on "The following connections failed to refresh:"

ACTUAL PROBLEM: Refreshing produces incorrect data source name

Original data source: owssvr
Error on First Refresh: owssvr1
Error on Second Refresh: owssvr2

Every attempt to refresh changes the original connection name which, obviously is the WRONG connection name.

Why does this happen and how can I refresh only to the correct connection?

2018-12-19, 07:20 PM
I'm prepared to close the thread due to lack of activity, but I can't find how. I've looked in the Resources and Knowledge Base but I can't find a Forum how-to guide. Can someone direct me how to close the thread?