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2012-07-03, 03:11 PM

I need some help carrying over hyperlink from one sheet to another. I basically use an internal program to export data to my raw tab. One of of the fields that I export is the "Acquisition Agreement". This field brings in the hyperlink to get to a document stored in our internal document management service (for security purposes i have removed the DMS link and put links to yahoo or google). On the Results tab I am using a Offset/Match formula to bring in columns from the Raw tab.

I need help with Column B (Acquisition Agreement) in the Results tab. As you can tell from the attached spreadsheet i have add a hyperlink component to my formula BUT when i go and click on any cell that has content in Column B I get the following error: (Cannot open the specified file). However, when i go to the same link in the Raw tab it works.

Could someone please tell me how i can fix this issue?


Bob Phillips
2012-07-03, 05:56 PM
What are you trying to do, get two sheets to synchronise their hyperlinks?

2012-07-03, 06:02 PM
Yes and no. The reason i have two tabs is because when the user exports data from the application into the raw tab, columns can be in different order. Thus I use the Results tab to keep columns in an a specific order and then use the the Offset/Match formula to bring in the data for that respective column. I then use the Results tab to do calculations in a different tab which I have deleted in the file I attached.

So yes, I want to be able to bring in the hyperlinks from the Raw tab into the Result tab, does that make sense?

2012-07-05, 02:32 PM
Hi Bob, any thought on what i should be doing?