View Full Version : Blank Rows in Pivot Tables Help, Please

2012-07-02, 10:53 PM

The datasource for my pivot table includes three columns.

My user will be entering data into the rows of these columns on a monthly basis or as needed, and then refreshing the pivot table to view current information in a summarized form.

So, the rows where the user hasn't entered any data are summarized in the pivot table as "blank".

I would like to get rid of the "blank" row.

However, I do not want to filter out the blank row or have to change the data source.

This template I am creating will be used by management, and I want them to do as least amount of work as possible.

I basically just want them to be able to enter their data, click refresh, and see the results without the blank row.


This is my first time to ever post in any sort of forum, so please let me know how I can better clarify/explain these situations in the future.

I really appreciate your time.



Ken Puls
2012-07-14, 06:24 AM
Why not filter out the blank row?

If you're not averse to using macros on it, I'd suggest that you have a macro that automatically resets the filter to ignore blank rows every time the PivotTable is refreshed. We can certainly help you implement that. Just tell me what version of Excel you're using, and is the filter a row label, column label or page/report field that you'd want to restrict.