View Full Version : Calculated Columns - Total Amortized and Total Unamortized

2018-10-23, 05:20 PM
Hello Experts,
How do you add a DAX Total Amortized column (years 2016 to 2018, in this example)? Then, add another DAX column Total Unamortized (Purchase Price - Total Amortized)?

I've started with a data input table. Then, used Power Query to unpivot the years, deleted the total columns...hoping that I would rely on PowerPivot to produce the totals calculations instead...for a more robust expandable schedule in the future.

Whatever total I came up with, it has always been paired next to each Year. How do you get just the 2 Total columns to show only at the end? I would like to keep the amount amortized by year (Year field dropped into the Column PivotTable field list)


I've attached my example. Could you please help me? It'll be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,