View Full Version : Word file with links to Excel no longer opens

2018-07-17, 10:23 AM
Hi all

I am having a problem opening up a MS Word doc. This doc contains tables in it which are linked to another Excel file, pasted as links to an excel object.

This doc and excel was initially under this type of file path //Company X Server// Folder// Folder etc etc (will refer to as Link 1)

IT contractors have upgraded our server software, and in the process moved all data into this type of path: //Server//Company X Server//Folder//Folder etc (will refer to as Link 2)

No data has been lost, I can still view the doc and the excel file, under the same path as before, except for the fact that there is a new root folder under which they all fall under.

The problem now is that my doc won't open at all anymore because it's trying to connect to the excel file in Link 1.

To be more clear, Word opens, the blue circle starts spinning, and then a box pops up saying [Downloading from file path Link 1], and nothing happens.

How can this be resolved?

Changing the server back is unfortunately not an option that we can do.

2018-07-18, 09:04 AM
You will need to open the file on a computer not connected to the server or internet, then edit the field code for the links to point to the new server path. Once you've done that, you should be able to open the file on your new system and have it perform as expected.

2018-07-30, 02:01 PM
It was fixed using the above/similar means, the best explanation I got from an IT consultant that came in was that he "Tricked" the PC into believing the old path still existed.

2018-07-30, 11:05 PM
Presumably he set up an alias for the path, but you wouldn't want to rely on that in the longer term.