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2018-05-19, 11:52 PM

I am using excel 2013. I am importing data from a website. In a cell the data is being updated every 1 minute. (Let`s call it primary cell)

I am copying the primary data in another cell but I want to keep the primary data in the first cell and not updated. Once the primary cell is updated I need in the second cell and so on and so forth for the next 14 cells. Once it reaches the 14 th cell I need to replace the first cell with the second cell and so on and so forth with all the 14 cells.

Is it possible with excel 2013?

2018-05-21, 12:35 AM
Have you tried PowerQuery?

2018-05-21, 01:20 PM
Have you tried PowerQuery?

Yes I use PowerQuery to import data from web but I don`t know how to apply my needs as described. Do you have a link on how to do it so I can continue my project?