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2018-04-22, 09:28 AM
My worksheet import data from SQL 2008 databases and need to be refreshed daily. This worksheet is accessed from several computers. All users have full access to this worksheet. All users have the correct passwords for the tables to be refreshed. On some computers using Excel 2010\2013\2016. On some computers when we use Refresh all, we got an error (The workbook is protected and can not be changed) , and others works fine. Those computers with the error, it used to work fine, and somtimes it works. But lately we just get this strange error (The workbook is protected and can not be changed) 7912

2018-04-22, 09:32 AM
What are you asking for help with here? Please be advised that we will not help you to hack into the workbook (break passwords).

2018-04-22, 09:54 AM
Hack what ? are you serious ??
my problem is I can't do refresh all on the same worksheet on some computers in my company, I got the error (The workbook is protected and can not be changed)
on some computers I can do refresh all ,
After I press Refres all, I am asked to enter the password, But in this problem I am not getting to the question to enter the password. The erro show before.
As i said, on some computers it works fine and othe 2 computers it does not work. The computers fine , the excel fine and works great with many other complicated worksheets
my problem is only with this one.
the work sheet is connected to many sql databases and supposed to fitch the data and do refresh

2018-04-22, 10:05 AM
Yes, it was a serious question. Thank you for clarifying. I asked simply because we cannot offer help to anyone trying to circumvent security applied to a workbook, no matter what the circumstances. I am sure, if you think about it for a moment, you will understand why. This is the same on any forum. :)

2018-04-22, 10:07 AM
Ok thank you, I am not asking how hack a work sheet, I know the passwords.
I am only asking why it's working on some computers, and on others it does not work
again thanks

2018-04-27, 03:40 AM
A start would be to consider "What has changed on those computers that receive the error message, since it last worked ?" Since most of the other computers don't have an error .... it seems to point to those who do receive the error.
Has the user changed something ? Tried to alter the code on their end ? Maybe an update to the OS or some other program ?