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2012-05-16, 10:56 AM
Morning All,

I have a Cash sheet with totals on it but I can not figure something out.

When entering 1.50 into K6, L6 shows 1.50
When entering 2.00 into K7, L7 shows 3.50 and so on, but I do not want to see 3.50 in all the cells in L but when I enter figures into the other cell I want the L column to change to the new calculation and so on.

L39 will show the sum of column K. I hope this makes sence, I am not very good at explaining things. I have attached a copy of the cash sheet to hopefuly explain it self.


Bob Phillips
2012-05-16, 11:52 AM
First of all, when picking up a single cell, you do not need to use SUM, you can reference the cell directly. So in L6 do not use =SUM(K6), just use =K6.

Then, when you do add multiple cells, you do not need SUM and +, the + sums the element, so one or the other suffices. So instead of =SUM(L6+K7), use =SUM(L6,K7) or =L6+K7.

To your problem, use this in L7


and copy down. In words, you test if K7 is blank, if so return a blank into the cell, otherwise do the sum.