View Full Version : Dashboard shows every employee in history of company. 2 columns start and end date

2018-02-28, 03:39 PM

I´m new to this forum and powerpivot as well. I hope somebody can help me with my little powerpivot issue.

I have a 4 different tables.

The first one "Resource" includes 3 different columns, Name of employee, Employment Date & Termination Date.

The second one "SP_Day" includes the columns, name of employee,activity date, hours of overtime.

The third table contains name of employee, Job Description, Quantity.

The last one is the calendar table.

I created a dashboard which has two reports. The first one shows sickness absence rate for each employee and the second one the hours of overtime. The values of each report is fine. But my problem is, that they show each employee in the history of the company. I added a timeline slicer to show me just the employee for example at the end of 2017.

Can anybody help me to solve my problem?

I hope I explained clear enough the probleme I have. Sorry my bad explanaition and even worse english, I´m german.

Thanks for every answer and help!


Ed Kelly
2018-03-04, 07:38 PM
Try to always supply a file when asking question. I am assuming that you are using an explicit rather than implicit measure, if that is the case check that the measure reads "Allselected" not "All", as "all" will over ride all slicers. If not the problem, consider sending the file with fictitious data