View Full Version : Cannot access pivot table Group by when I analyze in Excel from Power BI.com

Ed Kelly
2018-02-02, 03:07 AM
When I analyze in excel from powerbi.com I get essentially a power pivot model/PivotTable with all the lookup and fact tables brought across, so far so good. If I then try to do something easy like drag an explicit measure to the values quad of the pivot table say sales and drag to the row Quad either orderdate field from the Sales table (Fact Table) or date field from the Calendar table I cannot seem to group these dates ie when I RHKey the mouse in the pivottable date column the group by is greyed out. So I cannot do something basic like group time by say year/Qtr/Month. Am I missing a step?

Note I have ensured that the Orderdate column and Date column from the Calendar table are set up as Dates in the query editor and have gone as far as trimming and cleaning both columns just in case. Still no joy. Note everything is fine within both the desktop and PBI.com with me being able to use both columns as bonifida date columns.

Any suggestions?

Ed Kelly
2018-02-02, 01:27 PM
This quick visual might give you a little more context!