View Full Version : Tapatalk Integration Added

Ken Puls
2011-03-29, 06:49 AM
Tonight I installed a mod that allows the Excelguru forums to be browsed using Tapatalk.

For those who aren't familiar with Tapatalk (http://www.tapatalk.com/), it's an application that can be used to browse the forums using your mobile phone. It currently supports iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and more.

My suggestion would be to look for the Express/Free version in your App store to figure out if you want to pay for the full version of this client. That should allow you to at least browse the boards, if not post.

Of course, if you don't want to use Tapatalk, the site will render on most mobile browsers as is, it's just a better display in the Tapatalk version. (The default mobile skin for vBulletin doesn't appear to work very well.)

Hopefully somebody besides me will find the feature useful. :)

Bob Phillips
2011-03-29, 04:41 PM
The Android version is pay only. At least it doesn't have Facebook Integration :)

Ken Puls
2011-03-29, 04:43 PM
Well that sucks. :(

That has to be the first instance I've run across where Windows Phone 7 has an unpaid version that the others don't. (On Windows Phone it's called Board Express... maybe a different term on Android?)

Bob Phillips
2011-03-29, 04:44 PM
Just connected via normal browser on my phone, and got a message informing me about Tapatalk, and providing a link. Very nice!

Ken Puls
2011-03-29, 04:46 PM
I got that on my phone this morning too. Got to admit that it was a bit of a WOW for me too. LOL!

2011-03-30, 09:40 PM
I installed Tapatalk on one of my forums last year. It's a nice app. I'm using it on my iPad now.


PS. I wish MrExcel would install it too. :-)