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2017-11-09, 01:34 PM
Hi, i only have a basic knowledge of excel so forgive me if my enquiry sounds naive...

I am completing a challenge in our organisation which requires me to attend an event in every territory over the course of a year. There are 48 territories and 52 weeks in the year so theoretically it should be possible. Each territory holds at least 1 event per annum and some hold 20-30 events dependent on their size. Virtually all events are held on a Monday.

I have an excel list of all the UK events including the territory where it is being held & dates for 2018 - organised as follows:-

Column A Column B Column C
Territory 1 event 1 Date of event
Territory 1 event 2 Date of event
Territory 2 event 1 Date of event
Territory 2 event 2 Date of event
Territory 3 event 1 Date of event
Territory 3 event 2 Date of event

The challenge is to allocate one event from each territory so that i can attend every territory in one calendar year. It doesn't matter which dates i am in which location as long as i can work out a way of getting around them all. The problem being that i can only attend one event per week & the territories hold events on different dates to each other throughout the year.

Does anyone know of a way i can sort the data so that i can attempt to allocate an event from each of the 48 territories to a separate week of the 2018 calendar year?

It's for a charitable cause so any would be appreciated?


2017-11-10, 11:21 AM
Supply a workbook with the list of events. If the data is sensitive, do some careful search & replacing (not wholesale!) to obfuscate that data.

2017-11-10, 12:09 PM
Thanks for your response, I'm just waiting for the final lists to be collated but I should be able to change the data as you've suggested. It might take a week or two to get the final details but I'll let you know once done. Thanks once again.