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2017-10-30, 01:55 PM
Hi All,

Im having troubles with dates, on one spreadsheet there is data that i recieved from a colleague, I use that spreadsheet and copy the information into a new spreadsheet to manipulate the data, but when I paste into my new workbook, the dates change format, some are "general" others are "custom" then I have others which are date only, is there a way of being able to extract the date and the time separately as when I have tried using =left and the =date functions it doesnt seem to work on the "custom" formatted dates. I have attached a workbook if anybody could help.


2017-10-30, 02:45 PM
Try these:



You may need to format the results as Date and Time respectively

2017-10-31, 12:17 AM
Hi NBVC, this worked. Thank you so much, much appreciated.