View Full Version : DAX Formula for Identifying Mismatches

2017-09-06, 09:00 PM
Hi all,

I'm currently working with a fairly large data set of students in certain programs/disciplines, and would be looking to create a calculated column/flag that will identify students who are listed in a program but whose discipline name/ID doesn't match said program. I have attached a sample data set.

In other words, the program of the student whose ID is 123456 should be changed from "BUSI.BULI.BSN" to "ELEC", as they are taking no BUS courses at the start of the new 2018WI term and would therefore need to be flagged somehow. Student 789456 however is taking some BUS courses throughout the 2017FA term and so would not be flagged as cases that would need to be changed. I'm just having some writers block in creating a calculation that will identify students whose program have remained the same even though their course load would suggest a transfer into a different program, (student 123456 would be an example where their program should have changed, as they are still enrolled in BUSI.BULI.BSN at the beginning of the 2018 WI term despite taking courses that are part of a different program)

I'm essentially looking for a way to identify dirty data.

Thank you in advance, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!