View Full Version : Power BI Desktop Memory Limit

2017-08-31, 07:16 PM
Hello All,

I am trying to import (Get Data) a large .csv file into Power BI Desktop. The file is about 21GB (~300m rows * 3 columns). Unfortunately, when I try to load I get an "out of memory" error and the load fails even with no processing (just source in the query editor). This is not actually due to system memory (I'm not even close according the the resource monitor ... around 1%) but rather due to a limitation imposed by Power BI. I know that the online version imposes a 1GB limit for normal users and a 10GB limit for Pro users, but I was not aware of any limitations to the Desktop version. Since this appears to be a set limit, I assume it can be changed or modified. Keep in mind, this is not related to the Data Cache Management Options ... the Max allowed MB in that section is used for the data preview, not the actual model load. The data can easily be loaded as "connection only" and the preview can be viewed; however, when I try to load to the model, I get the error (Please excuse the Excel parlance, it's easier for me to describe in these terms).

If anyone knows of a workaround for this (other than, make the .csv's smaller) I would greatly appreciate it. I am a fairly decent coder, so I am open to all suggestions, even ones that involve the Power BI REST API.
Thanks in advance,