View Full Version : Chart Analysis Suggestion

2017-08-07, 05:49 AM
Hello, I'm having a difficult time developing a chart that will give me a proper visual. We use suppliers that charge various prices for a product. They also charge a particular "mark-up". For example, I have a supplier who charges a base-rate of $15 per product, but also has a mark-up of 25%. Therefore, I am charged a total price of $18.75/product. However, another supplier charges me $13/product, but has a mark-up of 144%, thus I am again charged a total of $18.75 per product.

As you can see, neither supplier is more competitive than the other as I will be paying the same total price regardless. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the base-rate is too high or the mark-up is too high or both. I have 25 suppliers and each of them supplies 5 different products.

Does anyone have any suggestions/help regarding a simple, yet effective way to display this? I'm a poor soul :noidea: Thanks.