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2017-03-22, 09:27 PM
Hi All,
This should be a simply exercise but MS Excel wizard does not seem to wish to cooperate.
I am simply trying to graph a variable over time and include the Grand Total at the end. The wizard does not seem to allow me to include the total.

Any thoughts?

Ed Kelly
2017-03-23, 12:08 AM
Consider while in pivot table analyze, options untick getpivotdata. Then copy and paste PVTable to adjacent cells with Grand totals off in your pivot table. Sum your columns/rows, highlight entireblock of new data including totals and goto Insert, Graph. Finally sit graph above new block of data.


2017-03-23, 01:23 PM
This won't work. Reason, purpose for doing the PVChart, is so it is easily manipulated for different variables.
Copying the data into a separate range limits me to one view only.

I think however what you are suggesting is.....it can't be done in Excel.

Will Power Pivot do this?

Ed Kelly
2017-03-23, 02:00 PM
Use slicer, data lives under new chart. And sure you will have somewhat more flexibility using pivot tables however think this is what you are referring to.

PS not sure why you would want to include totals, will completely distort the chart visuals as the total gets bigger however that said I am not working with your data.

Knock 'em dead Tiger!

Note if you want to change the Row and Column labels then once done, just rebuild the 2nd chart (a 2 second job), of course would suggest that you just use full blown pivot tables, with no totals included.

2017-03-23, 02:12 PM
lol...because my boss wants the total!
Actually, with the data I am working on, while it is a total, its acts more like an average, so it does make sense to include.

I will try this.

Ed Kelly
2017-03-23, 02:23 PM
Consider 2nd number in value section if its just an average that (your numbers challenged boss) is only after


Now have to do some real work.

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