View Full Version : Would a pivot table help me with this?

2017-03-09, 03:35 PM
I'm a real beginner at this stuff. Here's what I'm trying to do. My data list has 2 columns (students names + room numbers) and I want to generate a chart that lists the students in each class. I'm not sure if this can be accomplished with a pivot table, or a formula.
Please point me in the right direction. Thanks

2017-03-10, 12:04 AM
This can easily be done with a pivot table

2017-03-10, 12:48 AM
This can easily be done with a pivot table

Or not so easily if you're new to pivot tables.

I keep ending up with a count of the number of students in each class, but can't get a list of names. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be most appreciated. Instructions, or a link to a tutorial. I've searched & searched, but unfortunately, I don't know enough to know what to search for...

2017-03-12, 08:29 AM
If you want to be shown how to do this, please attach a sample Excel file.

I've moved this thread to the appropriate section.

2017-03-12, 09:57 PM
Here's a file showing my data, the current result of a pivot table, and a manually created table that shows what I'd like the automated result to look like.

I really appreciate any help you can offer - even a nudge in the right direction.


2017-03-16, 01:23 AM
Click button in attached.