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2017-03-08, 07:19 PM
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I have build an attendance record workbook which is linked with another workbook. The first workbook (Attendance) basically has all the necessary data (staff details, sick leave record, public holidays, type of leave, calendar view), the second workbook has just the monthly calendars for 12 months on 1 sheet. Each month have staff based on the office that they work in. Need to mention that the staff names and staff number is linked to "Attendance" in staff details.

My problem is, "if a staff member leave the company for whatever reason, is there a way to delete the staff details only from the date of departure?" I need all records for the previous months to remain. The Staff Detail sheet in "Attendance" is only for current staff.

Hope there is a solution.

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2017-03-08, 10:32 PM
Without seeing your data its not really possible to see what the practicable options are. The information your wanting to delete seems to be in the Attendance workbook, and relates to information after persons have left, but your also saying that this workbook doesn't include leavers. This seems to be contradictory. Also, I don't know if we are talking about deleting/archiving complete worksheets, forms or just blocks of data.

2017-03-09, 11:16 PM
I see what you mean. Check out the attachment. So basically the Attendance workbook has all the a table "List of Employees" tab, and the "helderberg" workbook also have a list of employee table, I need data to be entered and also remove from the "Attendance" list of employees at the same time only data must be entered into the "helderberg workbook employee list. I think I may have found a solution to remove data from the attendance workbook but not to delete the whole record in helderberg employee list. The name and staff # is static but the office and area is linked to "Attendance", this way when a record is deleted in Attendance only the name and staff number remains but the office and area criteria are removed, this way I only need the staff number and name in the attendance records in "helderberg calendar attendance. I hope this works, its still a theory. Any help will be appreciated.