View Full Version : onsite bug report

2012-02-16, 12:56 AM

just thought to meniton; when logging to site from the main site from a shortened URL "http://excelguru.ca" i get an invalud redirect URL (http://excelguru.ca/)" message. clicking on to a forum link / toolbar makes it ritght.

Simon Lloyd
2012-02-16, 02:39 AM
Hmmm, can you give a screenshot of where you see the link as http://excelguru.ca as all the links should be ex http://www.excelguru.ca

Also which browser are you using?

2012-02-16, 09:53 AM
it's no URL link available. it's an issue if one is using shortened links (e.g. manual typo). it's still a bug though... ;)

Simon Lloyd
2012-02-16, 03:13 PM
:), not a bug as such, we just haven't catered for it, however we'll take a look and sort that :)

2012-02-16, 05:41 PM
yes, correct. bad expression on my side.