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2017-03-07, 01:19 AM
I have a list of geographies with a sales value. There are 11 other columns that provide further details on these geographies. Products sold, type, flavor, etc, etc.

I need a Running total of sales volume that will adjust based on any filters selected. I have a Measure that is calculating the % of total sales by geography against total sales for a given selection.

If i can get a running total, then adjust my % of Sales measure I can then use the Switch function to dynamically create a label for Top 80% of sales and all remaining dynamically.

Problem is I cannot get the "RUNNING TOTAL" to work with all the different column in this file.

As usual... any and all help greatly appreciated.


Owen Auger
2017-03-19, 09:58 PM
Hi Spencer,

Just clarifying exactly how your running total is defined...
Is your running total always calculated on the 'geography' column, in ascending order of sales by geography?

If so then it is similar to this post (read the comments):

Otherwise, could you give an example what you expect?